Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New Journal Spread

I got this cool little point and shoot camera for xmas this year and I have to say that I am loving it. As a professional photographer, I always felt like I had to haul around my big digital camera if I wanted to take photos...more often than not, I would leave it at home because I did not want to carry it, worry about it, etc. Now, with this new little point and shoot that i keep in my purse, I am taking a lot more spur of the moment photos that are much more is kind of "freeing" in away...
This new journal page is reflective of my current state of mind which is blah lately...I always seem to get really depressed during the winter months for no real reason, I must have seasonal affective disorder. It felt good to put it down on paper and I must credit Evanescence for the quote "breathe into me and make me real"...seemed fitting.


Maija said...

You and me both girlfriend! I've been so plagued with the blues and I live in sunny Phoenix!

Tracy said...

Hi Woman,
I just got up to date with you, my old friend. I am glad that I can catch up to you via your blog. Now I just read about the point and shoot camera (am I obsessing?) that you got for Christmas...Do you think that I will regret buying a larger camera and that I will not carry it around??? Also when ever you get the winter blues please come and visit us out here in sunny CA. I miss you and would love to spend some quality time with you!