Sunday, February 04, 2007

Painting Class

Well, in an effort to combat the winter blahs and spark my creative slump, I decide to sign up for a painting class...Since I photograph dogs and cats, I thought it would be fun to learn to paint them. This is Lily, my sisters dog, and I did this painting for her birthday. I think it turned out pretty good considering I haven't painted in quite some time. The important thing is, I really enjoyed doing it and can't wait to do some more! I have so many photos that I think could be fun paintings now...I tried water based oils for the first time and I love them. You get the effect and feel of oil paint, without all of the smelly chemicals and difficult clean up. Whoever came up with this paint is brilliant! Thanks for looking and any constructive criticism is appreciated!


Maija said...

You have a way with animals...this painting is freakin' amazing!!!!
You are so multitalented, Jill!

Abby Creek Studios said...

Wow, Jill...this is great and how adorable is that dog! Definitely do more.

Tricia Scott said...

hi jill, i'm so glad you visited my site and so happy to have found a fellow Virginian. my stepdaughter is in virginia beach for a few months-her mom and stepdad just opened a firehouse subs there.
you work is so so beautiful! your sister is going to love the painting. Lily is such a sweetie and you captured the eyes and expression perfectly! you would never know it had been a while since you painted.
awesome job. :)