Sunday, March 11, 2007

Art Journal Grunge Style

My nephew just turned 18 and since he is a very creative, artistic soul, I thought I would make him an art journal of his own for his birthday....He sent me some of his poetry, artwork and favorite CD inserts to use as a background for the book. I decided on altering an old Time Life book on Central America that I first prepared with gesso. It was a fun project for me because I wanted to do a book that was a style that reminded me of him, but kept a part of me laced through the pages. I embraced my inner grunge and had at it...very cathartic and freeing after all my recent oil paintings...I sent it off to him with a note saying that I wanted him to make it his own....write in it, paint over stuff he didn't like, add more images, burn it if wanted too...but to be fearless and not worry about messing it up or doing something "wrong". Now, if I would take the time to work on my own....this week!

1 comment:

Mary Ann said...

Absolutely 100% &%#@@!!! COOL! I love this book/ these pages. Your nephew is one lucky fellow! Your pet portraits are fabulous!