Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me & Fraidy Cat

Today I turn the big 41! It is actually better than 40...not so much mental baggage/stigma attached to it. Ha! Ha! The only bummer is I am now forty-something and that sounds old. Wasn't that a T.V. show forever ago? Here is a new painting I like to call "Fraidy Cat". This cat was actually being held by Santa originally and I thought he was going to claw either mine or Santa's face off. His name is Pookie and Pookie was pissed. Hope everyone has a great day! Have a drink in my honor...

1 comment:

Abby Creek Art said...

Pookie's talkin'! Great piece, Jill.

And least you're not turning 50 next year...gulp! Actually, I have a 39th birthday every year and always plan to do so. Wanna join me? :)

And 40's rock! Best years of my life so far so you're in for some good times, missy.