Monday, November 12, 2007

Crazy Lily, Journal Pages and Paris the little diva dog

Here are some shots of crazy Miss Lily, my sisters dog, using my new Sigma 10-20mm lens...I LOVE it! It is basically a fish eye at the 10mm end of the zoom and it is fun to use with the dogs so they get that big snout thing going on...My old fish eye puts a black circular border around the image, so this is a nice change and much sharper (except on that last shot, which I was trying to blur for a dreamy effect). Lily loves to drool all over my camera and lick the lens, yuck!

These are two different color options of the same painting....not sure which one I like better??? This little dog is named Paris, and her owner had her decked out in everything from little leather shoes, to jewelry, doggles, shirt, etc. This is just one of Paris' many ensembles I am sure.
Oh, the things we do to our dogs! At least she was supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Lastly, a few journal pages...The first two are just for me in my own art journal and the third is for the round robin swap. You had to do a page about "What is your Muse"...Easy answer for me! I have set a goal for myself to complete one of my art journals by the end of the year...I am ready to bind a new style of book and think it would be a nice way to start the new year. I only have about 10 pages left in my current one, so it shouldn't be tooooo hard. If any of you have been thinking about starting an art journal, I say Go For It! It is one of my favorite things to work in...There is no pressure to create perfect, beautiful art. You can experiment, journal what's on your mind, get to know yourself...I love flipping back through my older ones to see where I was at in my life when I was working in's kind of like a photo album of my art and life. The first step is to buy a journal and just get started! Go on YouTube and watch some of Suzi Blu's crazy videos...She is a trip and offers some prompts and demos that are fun to watch.
I guess that is it for me today....Have a good Monday!


Abby Creek Art said...

Lily's nose is to die for! Paris is an adorable little vixen...and your journal pages rock! Beautiful work as always, Jill.

cowbelly said...

I love Lily!

GREAT shots of her Jill!

She looks just like my friend/colleague Nichole's dog, Olivia:

That's her on the opening page.

You'll also see Olivia here:

Loving your sigma lens shots!!

I just got lens info from my local camera store and discovered that every lens I want is at least $1100, yikes! I will be renting lenses as soon as I have the time, so I can determine which one is best.

BTW: we are nearing completion of our pet photography post, just waiting on Robin (hey- no pressure, lol). I'll send the draft to you soon!