Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Wow. I did not notice how long it has been since I posted....Things got kind of crazy around here and I was swamped! We also took a three day trip to NYC right before Xmas so my daughter could see all of the holiday splendor that is NYC at Christmastime. We did it all I have to say eventhough it was a wind chill of 15 degrees while we there...OMG, I haven't been so cold in a long time. We went to Rockafeller plaza, the Rockette's Holiday show, carriage ride in Central Park, Ice Skating, FAO Schwartz and Macy's to see the #1 Santa who appears in the Macy's parade every year. He was so amazing...Here are some photos....

Here are a few paintings I did for clients for Xmas this year...The ferrets were a real challenge! I have never tried photographing two of them before and it was like herding cats...eventually they settled enough for a few shots...they really responded to my rubber chicken, dressed up like Elivis squeaky toy...who knew they would be Elvis fans...I hope you all have a wonderful New Year's Eve and a great 2008!


Abby Creek Art said...

Great pics, Jill...looks like you had a great time in New York. A quick trip there is on my wish list this year too!

Wonderful paintings...especially the first one of the dog by the lake. I LOVE that one!

Happy New Year, sweet friend!

Rebecca said...

Love the ferrets! Great work.

cowbelly said...

Where'd you go Jill?? I miss you!

Hopefully you are just taking a much needed break and didn't come down with some awful mutated virus that has you shivering on the couch!

Love the ferrets art by the way. Kudos to you for shooting them! :-)