Friday, November 03, 2006

More photos from Switzerland & Italy

Cable car ride at the bottom of Mt. Titlis
Cable Car at the TOP of Mt. Titlis!!!

From Lucerne, we traveled by train to Lake Como Italy...Along the way we stopped at a really cool town called Bellinzona which has three castles, each one higher up the mountain than the next...My daughter loved the medieval toilets the best (ha ha)

Bellinzona Castle

Lake Como was really beautiful, but unfortunately no George Clooney sightings...However, Tom And Katie are getting married right near the hotel we stayed at in Cernobbio...

View form our hotel room in Lake Como

Next, we were off to Venice...WOW what an amazing city...I know people either love it or hate it. I thought it was beautiful and fascinating...a photographers dream. The way they have perfected life without cars, only boats or your own two feet is really interesting. Trash removal, getting goods in and out of the city, fire and rescue operations, an entire island set aside for a graveyard...Not to mention the fact that the city is sinking and whever it rains the entire St. Mark's Square floods and you have to walk on raised boards. I think Venice is something everyone should see before they is truly unique. We took our daughter on a gondola ride through the back canals along with her grandparents. Our gondolier was named Eros after the God of husband thought he looked like Colin Farrell , which is not a bad thing...Eros and Caroline

Grand Canal

Us on the Gondola

St. Mark's Square flooded

That's the highlights...What an awesome time we had...I love Italy so much and can't wait to go trip will be to Florence, Tuscany and Cinque Terra I think. Thanks for looking!

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Judy Wise said...

Thank you for the gorgeous photos of Italy (my favorite). Oh, I love Italy. Your family is lovely.