Sunday, April 15, 2007

Back from Orlando...

Well, as you can see my husband and daughter had a blast...Two peas in a pod I tell you...I am not a roller coaster kind of girl. I would be yakking in the nearest garbage can. I did get talked into Splash Mountain which scared me to death and I also rode Pirates of the Carribean and the Haunted Mansion which I love. Overall it was a good trip, a little crowded, a little rainy, but also a lot of fun for my "two" kids". My husband rode every roller coaster he could find several times and my daughter went on the ones she was able to being 50" tall. We stayed at a Disney Resort eventhough we only went to the Magic Kingdom for one day. By the end of the trip I have to say, if one more person told me to "Have a Magical Day" I thought I was going to barf. They kill you with that Disney hospitality and after 5 days I was done...It's nice to be home!


Abby Creek Art said...

You cracked me up with the "Have a Magical Day" comment. HA!

Looks like you had a great time, Jill. Your husband and daughter are just adorable together.


Garden Painter Art said...


I absolutely know what you mean about "Have A Magical Day". I've never been to Disneyworld, but my family has annual passes to Disneyland. We go 10 or 15 times a year. We just get to the point that we block out all the employees! Oh, actually, Disney doesn't call them employees, they call them "cast members". Ha

I'm not much of a roller coaster girl either, but I like Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain.

So glad that you had a good time. Your daughter will always have such wonderful memories of this trip.

Garden Painter Art