Friday, July 27, 2007

Get your T shirts today!

Here is a Tshirt I have for sale over at my Cafepress store...Go over and check out the different styles, etc. here : I spent most of the evening tonight looking at my new Artful Blogger magazine and wow is it amazing! SO many of my blogging buddies are featured and It was really interesting to read everyones thoughts and experiences about blogging and what motivates them. I am felling REALLY guilty for my lack of blog motivation lately. I am chalking it up to summer and wanting to be outside playing. It is so hard to stay home and do art when you live at the beach! I have been working on a few Painter paintings and I will post them over the weekend. Have a fun weekend!

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Abby Creek Art said...

Hi Jill, love the t-shirt! I've been having the same problem with work...must be the summer bug getting to us.

Looking forward to seeing your new painter paintings!xo