Wednesday, May 23, 2007

SPCA Spring Pet Portrait Day

Busy, busy weekend...I had my Spring Pet Portrait Day to benefit my local SPCA here in Va. Beach and it was sooo much fun. I met so many cool dogs (and one brave kitty). The weather was perfect and most dogs and owners were well behaved! I really love this event because I do not have to do it inside with a backdrop like the Xmas shoot. It makes me feel like Summer is almost here with all of the flowers and warm weather...These are a few of my fav's...I will post another group later of just fish eye shots that are pretty funny. Hope these photos brighten your day!


Rebecca said...

Love those doxies!!!! Nice shots.

Abby Creek Art said...

Oh my god, Jill...these are so beautiful they just make me wanna cry! You really captured "dog soul" here. I love the St. Francis in the background of some of them...and that one of the Doxies is just the best!
Amazing work, my dear. xoxo